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Check If a College Is Registered and Accredited

There are more than 300 colleges in South Africa that are registered and accredited with the department of education and the government, and they give good education and a worthwhile qualification in the end. But you are needed to really watch out because every year some fraudsters will start up a bogus college and not register, or lie and say they are registered when they are not. Before you pay the money, you need to be 100% sure that the particular college is the real deal!

How do I check if the college is registered and accredited?

All public TVET colleges that are available in the country are registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training. There are also over 300 other, private, colleges that are registered and accredited to award qualifications.

such colleges serve an important role because they often deliver the type of education that public colleges don’t. Courses like sound engineering, fashion, sports and fitness, movie making, and lots of other specialized courses.

You have to ensure that the college you want to enroll at can show you proof of their government registration and their accreditation with the right bodies.

To check or verify if an Institutions is registered:

  • Call the DHET at 0800 87 22 22
  • Download the released pdf of all registered colleges here: Download
  • Or go to the Department’s website – Visit

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