Sonke-learnship – Opportunities for youth

about sonke’s learnership

Sonke is committed to giving you the opportunity to study how to start your own business and enable you to  learn how to generate your own income and this by doing it all on your mobile devise.

The learnership’s duration is for 12 months, during this time you will be paid a monthly stipend of R1250 which will be divide in a cash portion that you withdraw and the other portion that you will trade with on your APP to generate more income.

You will receive a 30gig per month data package to assist you with your online studies and trading.

With our partners, Sonke has capacity to develop your business skills. Through hard work and dedication, you may become self-sustainable.

to qualify…

for the learnership, you:

  1. Must be a South African Citizen.
  2. Cannot be permanently employed.
  3. Must be youthful, thus between 18 and 28.
  4. Minimum Grade 10 required.
  5. Must have access to a smart phone or a laptop/computer with enough memory and capacity to download and run our App for your study, work experience and assignments.
  6. Should be able to receive and send email, Whatsapp and SMS at regular intervals.
  7. Must have the ability and resources to receive via email, download, print and courier documents, agreements and assignments.
  8. May not have done an entrepreneurship learnership before.
  9. Must procure an MTN prepaid SIM card at your own cost.
  10. Must come to this opportunity with energy and willpower!

how our learnership works

Our learnerships are dependent on sponsors. Once we have a sponsor on board, we allocate a student to the sponsor. The learnership can start any month of the year.

Sonke provides a unique opportunity for unemployed youths (between the ages of 18 and 28) to earn through a stipend while completing a 12 months course in New Venture Creation.

The stipend’s value is R1 250/month which includes the following:

  • R500/month in Trading funding for your business
  • 10GB/month of day time data and 20 GB/month night owl data)

(the stipend is explained in-dept in the agreements that will be emailed to the student)

The Sonke APP will provide you with all the required tools that will enable you to student and generate extra income.

how to apply:


Step 1 –Register online, the system will inform you if your application is successful or rejected.

Step 2 – Once your application is successful, you will go into a waiting room. You might stay in the waiting room for 3 months, it all depends on the sponsors.

Step 3– When a sponsor is available you will be allocated and will receive a congratulations email.

Step 4 – Shortly after you will receive a fixed term agreement and learnership agreement via email, the email will give you instructions on how to complete your application and how it should be sent back to us. You might be required to courier the original to our Head Office (PEP to PEP info) within 7 days of receiving the email.

Step 5 – Buy an MTN prepaid sim card – a link will be emailed to you where you need to give us the MTN prepaid sim details for you to receive your data package.

Step 6 – When all the paperwork has been received, the Course and App link will be sent to you with the start date of the learnership, you will receive your first stipend after the first month.


To ensure you receive your stipend monthly you have to complete the required modules of the course schedule and participate in trading on the APP.

NOTE: If the above requirements are not met, we will, unfortunately, have to remove you from the learnership.

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