Diploma in Music Theory – Opportunities for youth

This free online Music Theory diploma will introduce you to basic music theory and then cover the subjects of instruments, rhythm, melody, harmony, and musical form. In this course you will study different musical instruments and the techniques used in classical music pieces. You will also learn how these aspects of classical music are applied to other genres of music. Take this free online course today and start developing your ear for music!

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Diploma in Digital Photography

This free online Diploma in Digital Photography teaches you about the advanced features of your camera, and how to master the art of taking great photographs. This course will give you simple, effective explanations of your camera’s features, and get you taking fantastic photographs in no time at all. Since the 1990s digital cameras have become far more sophisticated and complex, take this free online course today to learn your way around one!

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Diploma in Business and Legal Studies

This free online Business and Legal Studies diploma teaches you about key areas of business and law, such as corporate management, human resources management, operations management, accounting, and the adversary system. For both businesses and managers understanding the law around their business is essential for long-term success. Start this free online course today to familiarise yourself with the legal obligations of doing business.

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Diploma in Communication Skills

Develop your soft skills by mastering the art of communication, perception, group dynamics, and persuasion

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Diploma in Accounting – Core Practices and Theory

This free online accounting diploma teaches you about the core theory and practices of the accounting discipline. With the use of simple and easy to follow lessons, this course will teach you about many of accounting’s core principles and practices, and get you started with simple practical examples of effective accounting practice. Start this free online course today to hone your accounting skills for professional or personal usage.

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Diploma in Python Programming

Learn the most important elements of Python programming, and discover how to read and spot errors within a Python code.

Free CoursePython is one of the most widely used programming languages today. This course will teach you all the basics of the language, from creating variables and storing different types of data within them, to working with dates and time. Using simple and clear language, the course will also show you how to read Python code and spot errors within it. This will put a new programming language onto your résumé and give you an excellent career boost.

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Diploma in Databases and T-SQL

Learn about database technology and how to program using T-SQL, and get a strong boost to your IT career development.

Free CourseUnderstanding database technology, how it works and what it can be used for, is essential for any aspiring programmer. Databases underlie a huge range of programming applications, and businesses are becoming more and more invested in using databases to monitor markets. This free course is designed to teach you all you need to know about database technology and how to program using T-SQL, so you can boost your IT career in just a few short hours.

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Foundation Diploma in Mathematics – Science, Technology and Engineering

Learn foundation level math and gain the skills you need to take Science, Technology, and Engineering at third-level.

Free CourseSTEM careers (those in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), are some of the most highly paid and respected in the world. But all STEM careers require Math skills, and many people feel that they don’t have this ability. So, no matter what Math level you are currently at, this course is designed to give you all the Math skills you need to apply for a STEM subject at third level and make your future career a success.

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Diploma in Media Studies

Take a closer look at how modern media has evolved and how it influences society and culture, with this free course.

Free CourseThis Diploma in Media Studies will introduce you to the main theories of modern media and the evolution of both media and culture over time. In a clear and simple manner, the course will guide you through the development of modern media convergence, the trends and issues which affect important types of media, and the history and cultural impact of books, newspapers, magazines, radio, movies, TV, and the Internet.

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Diploma in Customer Service – Revised 2017

This free online course will teach you how to provide excellent customer service in the hospitality and retail industry.

This free online customer service course will teach you the customer service skills fundamental to any successful business venture. If you want to turn one-time customers into life-long customers, you will need to master communicating and collaborating effectively with your customers. This course will teach you about the fundamental aspects of customer service found in every business that successfully meets customer needs.

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Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship – Revised 2017

Gain an extensive knowledge of the key principles behind business management with this business management course.

This free online diploma in business management and entrepreneurship course will give you an overview of company structures, different organization functions, and business environments. This will give you a deeper understanding of how companies operate and take the guesswork out of business management ethics and entrepreneurship. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and skill, this course aims to make that journey easier.

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