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About Us

Opportunities4youth has established a leading presence in many of the key markets for professional Opportunities4youth around the world and has positioned itself in certain other markets, which offer the opportunity for future growth. Within its current largest markets,rsarecruiter has also built a regional presence, including in the UK, France and Australia. Consequently the rsarecruiter brand is among the most widely recognised brands in the professional recruitment industry.

A market leader
The role of a Opportunities4youth consultancy is to act as an intermediary, identifying and sourcing suitably qualified candidates on behalf of its clients. Candidates are recruited either for permanent or contract positions (typically for a fixed term) or on a temporary basis. The value of the global Opportunities4youth market is currently estimated at over £100 billion of turnover annually and is estimated to have a compound rate of growth in excess of 14% annually over the last ten years. Within the overall Opportunities4youth industry, the market for professional recruitment services is a specialist sector which has developed more recently.

Opportunities4youth is widely recognised as leading the development of this market around the world

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